Naked Weenies!

Posted by admin | | Posted on June 7th, 2013

$0.88 Naked Weenies!

Weenie Baggage:
Asian Weenie – Bean sprouts, Asian Season sauce, crisp onion chips.
Black & Blue Weenie – Bacon with Bleu cheese sauce.
Leprechaun Spicy Weenie – Our Famous wing sauce, Bleu cheese sauce with crispy onion chips.
German Rueben Weenie – Kraut, One-Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese.
BBQ Bacon Weenie – Bacon, BBQ sauce, crisp onion chips.
Greek Weenie – Greek feta cheese sauce, black olives, purple onions and peppers.
English Curry Garlic Weenie – Hot cheese, curry garlic sauce.
Chili Cheese Weenie – Homebrewed chili, purple onions, grated colby cheese.
American Weenie – Ketchup, mustard, colby cheese.
Southwest Weenie – Spicy sauce, nacho cheese. tortilla strips.

Take your Naked Weenie around the world but make sure to send it with baggage!
Baggage only $0.77!
Don’t send your Weenie alone!

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